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Bio andArt Works Of Carmella Mae Dunkin

Carmella Mae Dunkin is a Christian artist, (gourds), crafter, jewelry designer, web designer, photographer, and freelance content writer. Carmella Mae has enjoyed writing stories, and creating all sorts of things since she was a young child. She has always had a great imagination, and saw cool things no one else saw, in all sorts of things, especially things in nature, like tree bark, pine cones, acorns, etc. She has a knack for looking at a certain technique, (like a peyote stitch), and being able to incorporate that technique into her own works of art!

Carmella Mae has dabbed in photography since she can remember. She started out with a little 110 camera, taking pictures of her dolls, and nature. She loved nature photography most, and took a college course in photography in 1986. Due to finances, and 5 kids, she was unable to pursue her love for nature and photographing it, so she had to set it on a back burner.

In 2002 her husband bought a digital camera for Christmas, and although not a "pro" camera, it does take a very nice photo, and was a start. Unfortunately, health issues, once again put photography on the back burner for her. Then in 2007 they moved, (because of the same health issues), to the Colorado mountains, and that love for nature, and photography came flooding back full force, and Carmella Mae has not stopped taking pictures since!

Carmella Mae now has over 10,000 nature photographs, which she has taken in the past 12 months! To view a sampling of her photography, you can visit her photo site at: This is a new venture for Carmella Mae, and she hopes to gain many achievements, and soon have the ability to acquire the "pro" equipment she has always longed for!

In the early 1990's Carmella Mae started designing jewelry, she started with glass seed beads and string. Now she uses silver and gold fill, mixed with crystals and gemstones, for some really awesome works of art!

Carmella Mae has done many different things with gourds, but her favorite is Christmas ornaments, and scenes on large gourds done with puff paints, and Prisma color pencils.

Carmella Mae has won numerous blue ribbons for her jewelry and gourds at a number of gourd shows, and fairs. She also has sold her art at concerts, fairs, festivals, craft shows, and online through a  number of web sites, and auctions. She also has been  a member of The American Gourd Society, on and off since 1990. A sample of her art work can be viewed at the following website:

Carmella Mae also enjoys doing graphic arts, and designing web sites. All above web sites and graphics on the sites where designed by Carmella Mae.


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